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The General Assembly of the Fencing Confederation of Asia held in Tokyo on October 24, 2016 approved that implementation of the Asian Cadet Circuit to start in 2017. This programme which is already a regular activity in Europe aims to enhance the development of young fencers.

Participants in the Asian Cadet Circuits will earn ranking points that are accumulated for the whole season, starting in February with the Asian Juniors and Cadet Championships until January of the following year. The total ranking points earned by the fencers will be used as basis for the seeding of the cadet fencers entered in the succeeding AJCFC. Though only cadet fencers in Asia and Oceania are allowed to compete in the AJCFC, the Asian Cadet Circuits are open to other cadet fencers from other continents.

Host federations may enter a maximum of 64 fencers while other participating federations are limited to a maximum of 20 fencers, and all participating fencers must have a valid FCA license. Each participating federation must bring their referee subject to the quota on the number of entries.

Depending on the number and interest of participating countries, the host federation may include a Mixed Team event. There will be no ranking points for this Mixed Team event, however.