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The Islamic Republic of Iran claimed its first gold medal at the FIE Dakar Sabre World Cup held on the 6th of November 2016. The 2 Olympians, Mojtaba Abedini and Ali Pakdaman together with Mohammad Rahbari and Farzad Baher, all under the supervision of Peyman Fakhri, their young and famous coach, were combined to achieve an unforgettable result for Iran in the history of fencing.

Among the 13 participating teams, in the table of 16 Iran started its fight against Japan which was finished with a remarkable result of 45/22.

The second victory was via America, the FIE ranked team second, which was lasted with an intense and a narrow result of 45/44.

In the semi-final, facing its well-known historic Asian opponent, Korea, Iran was able to win the Wuxi Gold Medalist with a magnificent result of 45/35.

The last unbelievable and incredible victory comes after overcoming Italy, which was leading the race by 35/33 in the 7th bout. But in the last 2 bouts Pakdaman and Abedini salvaged the gold medal to become one of the FIE World Cup Champions in the world of fencing.