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Celso L. Dayrit
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The Elective Congress of the FIE held in Moscow Russia on November 27, 2016 showed Asia prominently after 3 out of the 15 elected for the FIE Executive Committee come from Asia. WANG WEI (China) topped all the candidates with 93 votes. YUKI OTA (japan) placed a strong seventh place with 67 votes, while OLEG PESKOV (Kazakhstan) was at 14 place with 53 votes.

Wang Wei, Oleg Peskov and Yuki Ota are current members of the FIE Comex. Ota however represented the Athletes being the Chairman of the FIE Athletes Commission. KIM Guk Hyeon (Korea) was not a candidate in the elections.

Overall, Wang, Peskov and Ota are joined by FCA President CELSO DAYRIT thus represents Asia in the 21 member FIE Executive Committee. FIE President Alisher Usmanov and 10 members from Europe, 3 from Africa, 2 from the Americas, and one from Oceania make up the FIE Comex for 2017-2020.

WANG WEI was later re-elected as among the 3 Vice Presidents of the FIE.