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The FCA Executive Board has recently approved to adopt the new competition title of "Asian Veterans Fencing Championships" in lieu of "Asian Masters". This move is to align our competition to the FIE World Veterans Championships and the European Veterans Championships.

It may be recalled that the FCA has already launched its own "veterans" competition which started in 2015 in Manila. It was decided then that in order to encourage more retired fencers to come back into active competition, our "veterans" competition in Asia will include fencers that are a little younger than is allowed in the FIE Veterans Championships. As such, we created a category for male fencers who are 40 years old and above and female fencers 35 years old and above (while the FIE competitions start at the age of 50 years old)

Since our entry age is younger than that of the FIE, it was also decided that our competition will be named "Asian Masters Fencing Championships" to make it more "marketable" to get private sponsors and the possibility of acquiring government support for the organizers.

During the 2016 FIE Congress in Moscow however, the FIE announced its intention to revive the "World Masters Fencing Championships" which may be held in China within this year. While the guidelines have yet to be finalized, this competition intends to include fencers who have topped various competitions such as the World Championships, the Olympic Games, and the like.

In view of this situation, the FCA Board has found it wise to now change the title of our competition to Asian Veterans Fencing Championships.