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The FIE mandates all confederations to form their respective Athletes Commission following the initiatives of the FIE and the IOC. In compliance, the FCA Athletes Commission was organized in 2014 and is now due for elections this year, and thus will be scheduled during the AFC in Hong Kong this coming June.

Asia is exceptionally lucky because Mr. YUKI OTA (Japan) was the president of the FIE Athletes Commission and is now assigned to supervise the group being a newly elected member of the FIE Executive Committee. His experience and quality of leadership among the athletes is well recognized and respected

In this regard, the FCA Executive Board recently approved that the FCA Athletes Commission elections be scheduled during the AFC in June 2017 with the following guidelines and conditions:

1. Each FCA member federation shall be entitled to nominate a maximum of one (1) candidate for the FCA Athletes Commission. Deadline for submission of nomination shall be on May 30, 2017.
2. All nominees must have participated in at least one (1) world level competition such as the FIE World Championships from 2013 2015 and/or the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and one (1) recent zonal championships such as the 2016 or 2017 Asian Fencing Championships.
3. The Elections of the FCA Athletes Commission shall take place on June 15 to 17, 2017 during the individual events competition of the Asian Fencing Championships to be held in Hong Kong. Voting will take place at the competition venue from 10:00 until 15:00 hours. Counting of votes will be made in the evening of June 17, 2017 under the supervision of the FCA
4. All participating fencers in the 2017 Asian Fencing Championships will be entitled to vote. They have to vote for at least three candidates, regardless of weapon and gender. The three fencers who will garner the most number of votes will be declared elected.
5. Additionally, another three (3) candidates from among those nominated will be selected by the FCA President and the other FCA Executive Board members present during the AFC in Hong Kong, to form the six (6) member FCA Athletes Commission. This is to ensure better representation of weapons and gender (as much as possible).
6. On the condition that the Japanese Fencing Federation nominates MR. YUKI OTA as a candidate for the FCA Athletes Commission, the FCA Board also approved that he be seeded from elections and be among the 3 candidates to be selected by the FCA. This is in consideration of him being the former President of the FIE Athletes Commission, and an FIE Comex member.
7. In order to benefit from his experience and position in the FIE, it was further approved that Mr. OTA be designated as President of the FCA Athletes Commission, as he is in the most strategic position to contribute to the works of the group.