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The scheduled FIE referees seminar and exam as well as the P Observation test held in Korat Thailand exceeded the maximum number of participants normally allowed. FIE Referees Commission President Mohammed ElMotawkel and Irina Knysch who conducted the six day event graciously accepted all the interested candidates coming from federations in Asia and Oceania.

The overwhelming enthusiasm of the candidates was due to the one year hiatus in 2016 where referees exams are not held during the Olympic year. Seminar and video exam on the 3 weapons were conducted on September 21 to 23, followed by the practical exam on September 24 to 26 during the cadet individual events of the Asian Juniors and Cadets Fencing Championships.

An Observation Test for P referees were also held on September 24 to 25, as an special concession decided by the FIE Referees Commission to give the remaining P referees the last chance to possibly upgrade their licenses to B.