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The new FCA Athletes' Commission which will serve for the term 2017 to 2021 was formally approved after the Special FCA Board meeting on June 17, 2017. The Commission is now composed of the following:

Yuki OTA (Men Foil/Japan)-Chairman
SUN Yu Jie (Women Epee/China)-Vice Chairman
LAM Hin Chung (Men Saber/Hong Kong)-Member
LEE Samson Mun Hou (Men Epee/Singapore)-Member
JEON Heesook (Women Foil/Korea)-Member
ABEDINISHORMASTI Mojtaba (Men Saber/Iran)-Member
Jamilya YUNUSBAYEBA (Women Epee/Kazakhstan)-Member

Mr. OTA was already seeded and selected as Chairman by the FCA Board considering his experience and current position in the FIE Executive Committee

Ms. SUN topped the votes in the elections held, and was approved by the FCA Board as Vice Chairman of the FCA Athletes' Commission, while Messrs. LAM and LEE placed second and third in the elections.

Ms. JEON and YUNUSBAYEBA and Mr ABEDINISHORMASTI were approved by the FCA Board to complete the Commission.