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The 2018 Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships was held at the Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai with 18 competition pistes and 8 pratise pistes.

The Cadet competition was held in four (4) days with three (3) weapons played on each day with 26 countries. The Junior competition on the otherhand was held in five (5) with two individual (2) events each on the first three days and three team events on each of the last two (2) days and had a record 30 countries that participated.

Korea was hands down the dominant country in the cadet competition with six (6) golds, four (4) silvers and four (4) bronze medals, while last year's Cadet overall winner Hong Kong had to settle for second place with three (3) golds, 1 silver and three (3) bronze medals. The Japanese cadet fencers finished with two (2) golds, three (3) slvers and six (6) bronzes. Kyrgyzstan's only medal placed them among the gold medal finishers when Khassan Baudunov won the top spot in Men's Individual Epee.

Below is the list of medal winners in the Cadet Competition:

Out of the 30 countries, only nine countries made it to the medal board in the Junior Competition. Clearly dominated by Korea with six (6) golds, three (3) silvers and four (4) bronzes, followed closely by Japan with four (4) gold medals, three (3) silvers and seven (7) bronze medals. Korea dominated the sabre and Men's Epee events by winning all the gold medals in these events. Japan on the otherhand, showed dominance in foil by winning all the gold medals in all foil events. Hong Kong saved one (1) gold medal, two (2) silvers and three (3) bronze medals. Chinas lone medal is a gold medal won by their sole entry in the Junior competition, Yu Sihan who topped the Women's Individual Epee. Singapore, FIE (Kuwait), Kazakhstan, Australia and Philippines completed the list of medal winners.

Below are the summary of medals in the Junior Competition: