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As decided upon by the FCA Executive Board in its meeting of June 16, 2018, all entries to this year's Asian Under 23 Fencing Championships to be held in the Philippines on October 16 to 21 need to be registered through the FCA website. This decision is aimed at ensuring the accuracy of the age eligibility and nationality of the participating fencers and facilitating the registration for poules assignments.

Similar to the entries for the cadet circuit and veterans competitions, all participating fencers to the AU23 must be registered in the FCA website and secure an FCA license. The exception however is that the FCA will waive the payment of the licenses for the AU23, since the championships in the only competition for under 23 to be held for the whole year.

To effect the process, all interested federations are requested to submit to the FCA the list of their fencers intending to participate in the AU23 championships, and the FCA will grant the necessary number of "Credits" to be used to purchase the licenses. These licenses will be valid only for the 2018 AU23 Championships.

It is still the responsibility of the participating federations to register their fencers using the "free credits" to secure the license numbers and inscribe them to the 2018 AU23 competition in the FCA website.