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In the International 2018 Warsaw Sabre World Cup, Iran unbelievably clinched its first team silver medal. This new sabre Asian superpower displayed an unimaginable show by overcoming Ukraine 45-43, Italy 45-40, and Hungary 45-37. But in hard fought final match was dispatched by Korea, the other Asian sabre powers 31-45 and was placed second in this international sabre showpiece in Europe.

In this FIE European masterpiece where 24 teams were fighting for their best achievements, Korea got the first place. Iran with their best fencers, Ali Pakdaman, Mojtaba Abedini, Mohammad Rahbari and Farzad Baher Arasbaran, under the supervision of one of the elite world super coaches, Peiman Fakhri, was titles second. Hungary and Russia became 3rd and 4th.

In the individual competition, Ali Pakdaman, one of the youngest high-level Iranian fencers who was among the 16 exempted fencers, won PECH Miklos (HUN) in T64, DANILENKOV Dmitriy (RUS) in T32, ABEDINI Mojtaba (IRI) in T16, SZATMARI Andras (HUN) in T8. In the semi-final of the tournament he was defeated by GU Bongil (KOR) and was titled third in this high piece event which was attended by 202 world sabre fencers.