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    With 17 countries participating, the Asian U-23 Fencing Championships in Manila was a big success. The Philippine Fencing Association was only able to set-up nine (9) pistes but all colored pistes and podium had video refereeing equipment which was a big help in the officiating of bouts.

    Perinial overall champion, Korea still came out the dominant force but Hong Kong and Kazakhstan showed that they are not far behind.

    Korea and Hong Kong came out with four (4) gold medals each but Korea came ahead with five (5) silvers and seven (7) bronze medals. Hong Kong only managed three (3) silvers and one (1) bronze. The Korean gold medals were in Men’s Individual Epee and Sabre, Women’s Individual Foil and Women's Epee Team while Hong Kong conquered the Men's Individual Foil, Women's Individual Epee, Men's Foil and Sabre Team events. Kazakhstan dominated the women’s sabre events, winning gold in both the individual and team events then won their thrid gold medal in Men's Epee Team.

    The Philippines on the otherhand, won its first ever gold medal in an Asian championships when they came out on top in the Women's Foil Team event