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    Japanese Foilist YUKA UENO has set a record of sorts by winning the gold medals in all three youth competitions organised by the International Fencing Federation this year. The second year High School, 16 year old YUKA copped the championships in the Individual girl's Foil event of the just concluded World Youth Olympic Games recently held in Buenos Aires in Argentina. She finished as the top medal winner for Asia in this competition, though other Asian fencers won silver and bronze medals too.

    Yuka Ueno surprised the world in Verona Italy last April during the World Juniors and Cadet Fencing Championships when she won the gold medals in both Cadet and Juniors categories in the individual women's foil event, This may be the first time that an Asian fencer has been declared World Championships in two categories in the same competition.

    On behalf of the Fencing Confederation of Asia and of all the Asian fencing community, we congratulate YUKA UENO for the unprecedented feat.