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    In view of the postponement of the Asian Juniors and Cadets Fencing Championships originally scheduled for later this month, the FIE ranking points of all Junior fencers from Asia and Oceania will be adversely affected for the forthcoming World Juniors and Cadet Fencing Championships to be held in Salt Lake City, USA.

    To mitigate the effects of this situation on the fencers, the FIE Executive Committee approved the recommendation of the FCA to make certain concessions so as not to prejudice our junior fencers in their seeding for the said WJC scheduled for April this year. In this regard, the FIE agreed to use the results of the last AJCFC held in 2019 in Amman Jordan, and multiply it with the coefficient of 1 (which is applied to across all continents starting in 2020). The resultant points will be added to the athletes's FIE points to determine their seeding for the WJC.

    After the 2020 AJCFC is held, the points of the respective fencers will then be adjusted so as to have the corrected FIE points to be used in succeeding Junior world cup events.