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    In an official announcement to be released soon, the FIE Executive Committee already approved to postpone this November's schedule of the FIE Elective Congress until after the Summer Olympic Games next year. Despite this however, each continental Confederation must decide on their Elections that is consistent with their own Statutes.

    After reviewing the current FCA Statutes therefore, the FCA Executive Board recently decided and approved to also POSTPONE our Elections to 2021, in accordance with the provisions relevant to our Elections, as follows:

    a. Article 6, Sec. 2 pertains to the elected members of the Executive Board "at the Election Meeting of the FCA once every four years"

    b. Article 6, Sec. 3 prescribes that Board members "hold office until the next Election Meeting which shall coincide with the year in which the Summer Olympic Games are held"

    c. Article 7, Sec. 1 says ". . . Election Meetings shall be during the year of the Summer Olympic Games and preferably held at least two months before the scheduled FIE Elective Congress and at a City where a major Asian fencing championships is held"

    d. The legal opinion of our lawyers opined that while "the term of the officers is 4 years (Article 6, Sec. 2)...their tenure may actually be longer since they hold office until the Election meeting which MUST be during the year of the Olympic Games (Article 6, Sec. 3 and Article 7, Sec. 1) . . . which in this case is moved to 2021".

    Consequently therefore, the FCA Elections will be moved to 2021 "which is the year in which the Summer Olympic Games" in Tokyo is re-scheduled, and to be held in conjunction with the 2021 Asian Under-23 Fencing Championships in Taipei City.