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    As part of its worldwide developmental program, the International Fencing Federation scheduled a series of Administrative Webinars for all the continents. The webinar in Asia was done on December 1, 2020 participated in by 29 federation officials from 18 countries. The webinar was conducted by no less than the FIE CEO Ms. Nathalie Rodriguez with the assistance of Ms. Elena Murdaca.

    The program was divided into three modules. Module 1 covered general information on the use of the FIE website, including matters regarding licenses, fees to be paid by the federations, participation deadlines among others.

    Module 2 touched on the areas of FIE subsidies to federations, the FIE 2021 Global support plan, participation in the FIE annual and elective Congress, change of nationality of fencers, and reference in the statutes and administrative rules.

    Module 3 was about Cyber security, Code of conduct which was integrated in the FIE Admin rules following the safeguarding policy approval, and practical hints on sustainability