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Alisher Usmanov
FIE President

FCA President
Celso L. Dayrit
FCA President

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*FIE and FCA Championships
**Other Competitions in Asia/Oceania
***Asian Cadet Circuit

FIE and FCA Championships
Date 2018 Events Place Category Gender Remarks
Apr 1-10 World Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships Verona, Italy Cadet & Junior M/F All Weapons
June 17-22 Asian Fencing Championships Bangkok, Thailand Senior M/F All Weapons
July 19-27 World Fencing Championships Wuxi, China Senior M/F All Weapons
Sept 1-4 Asian Veterans Fencing Championships Wakayama, Japan Veterans M/F All Weapons
Oct 8-14 World Veterans Fencing Championships Livorno, Italy Veterans M/F All Weapons
Oct 16-21 Asian Under23 Fencing Championships Pasig, Philippines Under23 M/F All Weapons

Other Competitions in Asia/Oceania
Date 2018 Events Place Category Gender Remarks
Apr 14-15 2018 Fencing Club Korea Open Championships Korea Age Group M/F All Weapon
May 4-5 Coupe De Monde Dubai Senior F Epee (Ind/Team)
May 18-20 Grand Prix Shanghai Senior M/F Foil (Ind)
May 18-22 Nad Al Shaba Sports Tournament Dubai, UAE Senior M/F All Weapon
July 6-8 Malaysian Open 2018 KL, Malaysia Senior M/F All Weapon
Aug 2-4 4th International Championships Jordan U15 M/F All Weapon
Aug 5-7 Arab Championships Jordan U15 M/F All Weapon
Aug 18-Sept 2 Asian Games Jakarta Senior M/F All Weapon
Sept 28-Oct 3 SEAFF 2018 Kuala Lumpur Senior M/F All Weapon
Dec 5-9 2018 Koala Mini Individual Challenge / 2018 Friendship Team Cup Sydney, Australia Age Group M/F All Weapons

Asian Cadet Circuit
Date Place Gender 1st Day Event 2nd Day Event
Jun 30-Jul 1 Iwakuni City, Japan B/G Boys Epee/Girls Epee Ind Boys Epee/Girls Epee Team
Jul 19-20 Wuxi, China B/G Boys Foil/Girls Foil/Boys Epee Ind Girls Epee/Boys Saber/Girls Saber Ind
Aug 10-11 Amman, Jordan B/G Boys Saber/Girls Epee Ind Girls Foil Ind
Aug 25-26 Singapore B/G Boys Epee/Girls Foil Ind Girls Epee/Boys Foil Ind
Aug 31-Sept 1 Bangkok, Thailand B/G Boys Foil/Girls Foil Ind Boys Saber/Girls Saber Ind
Oct 14-15 Philippines B/G Boys Foil Ind Girls Foil Ind
Oct 20-21 Manama, Bahrain B/G Girls Foil Ind Boys Epee Ind
Nov 10-11 Taipei B/G Boys Saber/Girls Epee Ind Girls Saber/Boys Epee Ind
Dec 3-4 Hong Kong B/G Boys Foil/Girls Epee Ind Girls Foil/Boys Epee Ind