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In the meeting of the sports Technical Delegates for the 2018 Asian Games was held in Jakarta Indonesia on March 4, 2018, the Indonesia Asian Games Organizing Committee announced the most number of sports that the quadrennial games ever had. 42 different sports with around 500 events are included in the programme of the 18th Asian Games which will be declared open on August 18, 2018.

Indonesia last hosted the Asian Games in 1964. Next year's games will be held in the cities of Jakarta and Palembang. The Olympic Council of Asia and INASGOC jointly chaired the first TD meeting which was attended by FCA President Celso Dayrit representing the sport of fencing.

Fencing is going to be played at the Assembly Hall of the Jakarta Convention Center located inside the Senayan Sports Complex. The sport is scheduled for August 19 to 24 with only 10 events in the official calendar of event. The OCA and INASGOC explained that the reduction of events in most sports was necessary to manage the cost of organizing the biggest AG ever planned. The Men's and Women's Foil Team events were not included in the list.

President Dayrit discussed this matter with Mr. Wei Jizhong and Haider Farman of the OCA and Mr. Lukman Niode of INASGOC and appealed for reconsideration of the two team events.