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    LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Sept. 8 2018 - The second-annual World Fencing Day, Sept. 8 2018, took place worldwide bringing the fun, thrill, and experience of the sport of fencing to people of all ages, skills and athletic abilities. With International Fencing Federation (FIE) member organizations alongside athletes and coaches, fencing is actively reaching communities and individuals everywhere.

    Fencing is a lifelong sport, enjoyable for children as much as adults, and is one of the most exciting and fun activities open to everyone. On World Fencing Day, Olympic and World Championship athletes, local fencing clubs, national fencing federations, and fencing masters and coaches all join to demonstrate fencing in their regions. More than 6500 social media tags about World Fencing Day marked a significant increase of digital participation globally and the FIE's impact with its campaign to promote fencing as a "Sport for All".

    On World Fencing Day, countries from every corner of the planet conducted a variety of activities, and federation, clubs, athletes, individuals, fans who love fencing, and manufacturers joined in the festivities. Some of the countries participating included Afghanistan, Belgium China, Spain, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, New Zealand, France, Italy, Egypt, Chile, India, Algeria, Turkmenistan, United Kingdom, Japan, Greece, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Tunisia, Lithuania, Singapore, Venezuela, Argentina, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine Ivory Coast, Canada, and Slovenia.

    Thousands of people worldwide were able to try fencing for the first time, perhaps beginning a new passion in their lives. Fencing is beneficial to virtually everyone, and a large and enthusiastic global fencing family eagerly welcomes new fencers. Those new to fencing find it an invigorating and mentally stimulating way to get into shape, learn a new skill and meet interesting people. It is a sport for body, mind and spirit with a tremendous legacy and history as well as a modern and contemporary feel to the game. Fencing is smart, fun, healthy and challenging.

    The FIE provided World Fencing Day branding guidelines to its 153 member federations to enable marketing and promotion with posters, diplomas, t-shirts, Web sites and social media-the logo was even flown on kites flying above Kabul, Afghanistan!

    The FIE offers comprehensive information about fencing on its web site, www.fie.org,as well as via social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Find out more about fencing and learn about all the activity that took place on World Fencing Day!