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    The sixth Asian C License Referees' exam held under the auspices of the FCA was held and completed in Taipei City after a 5 day affair from August 13 to 17, 2019. FCA Referees Commission Chairman Dr. EYAD MAGHAYREH (JOR)and FIE Referees Commission Member KIM CHANG GON (KOR) was assisted by HOWARD HAO CHIH HUANG in dealing with a total of 51 candidates coming from 19 countries in Asia and Oceania. A total of 70 individual exams were conducted as some of the candidates were tested in two or even three weapons in addition to their main weapon. The 70 exams are broken down to 24 exams in Foil, and 23 each in Epee and Saber.

    At the final tally, 14 passed in Foil for a 58% success rate, 13 passed in Epee for a 57% passing rate, while 16 out of 23 passed in Saber for a high 70% passing rate. Eight candidates failed to passed any of the exams thus were automatically excluded from the practical exams held on August 16 and 17.